Mary's GoodSnails™

Good Snails to Eat the Bad Snails!™

   Mar 29


Dear Mary,

The snails this year have been so terrible I was prepared to do anything.  I have resisted poison in my garden beds, but I was getting desperate.  Your snails are amazing.  First they disappeared, and then so did all new snails.  I still find the occasional big one and throw it away, but not the multitude of little ones I was seeing on everything!  I am, quite literally, sold.  Thank you, Cindy


Sally Griffin Testimonial

I gave my sister some of my decollate snails because she was always complaining about her bad snail problem and I had such great success with mine.  For a year, she kept saying, I don’t know if those snails of yours are working or not.  I told her you just have to break the cycle of the bad snails having so many eggs and babies; you have got to be patient until the decollates are established then you will never have a bad snail problem again.  Then she really didn’t think about it until one day she realized she hadn’t even seen a bad snail around for a long time.  Wow!  she said, They really work!.




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